Plant Based Summer Packages

Plant-based summer meals

Summer private-chef packages and pricing includes my time and the cost of groceries.
Menu changes weekly and only the highest quality produce and ingredients are used.
I can only take on 4 families a week, so book in advance if you want to reserve your spot.

You will receive 3 meals – serving size 4
+ 1 goodie – serving size 4

Example of a weeks menu:

Summer Tuscan Soup with nettle pesto
Market Side Salad – 8oz of salad dressing
Adobo Spiced Taquitos (10 taquitos)
Filled with black beans, sweet potatoes and spinach
Cheesy cashew dip – 8oz
Side of creamy slaw, pickled red onions and pumpkin seeds + 1 avocado
Summer Panzanella
Gigante white beans with Beautiful local produce fresh and roasted
Shallot champagne dressing – 8oz
Sourdough crispy croutons on the side
Loaf of Banana Bread (serving size 6)

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